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WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)

The World Health Organization announces new standards for registration of all human medical research


WHO trial registration data set








NBScience Clinical Trials Registry (NUCTR)

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Welcome to NBScience Clinical Trials Registry (NUCTR) !


The national registry will make the trials more transparent. It is the first such initiative in Ukraine.

Any researcher who plans to conduct drug trials on humans is expected to declare the details of the exercise in the Registry . The registry will require 20 items to be declared at the time of registration. These items meet the requirements of the World Health Organization International Clinical Trials Registry Platform.

About WHO Clinical Trials Registry Platform

WHO Registry Criteria (Version 1.1, August 2008)

WHO Trial Registration Data Set

Working Group on Best Practice for Clinical Trials Registers


The three main objectives of this site are:
• Informing public of the ongoing trials
• Increasing public awareness of their importance
• Implementing the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors’ initiative for mandatory registration of trials before the enrollment of the first patient.


General instructions for registering clinical trials

Registry of Clinical Trials

1. To register a trial in NBScience Clinical Trials Registry (NUCTR) you should first become a member by creating an account in NBScience. Please complete and sent following FORM1
2. All clinical trials that are conducted should have registration with NBScience .
3. You can use Ukrainian or English language .
4. You can enter the website when your membership approved by NBScience administration team .
5.Second step is sending Clinical Trials Application Form.
6. You can enter multiple trial information only after approval previous.
7. You should enter your trial information in 29 stages (see NUCTR Dataset and Description ,how to register a trial ) .
8. Items with a star (*WHO) are mandatory according to WHO. So please do not leave any of them blank.
9. To finish the registration process your trial should have been approved by an appropriate ethics committee.
10. All entered information will be made public upon approval of the registration by NBScience administration team.
11. Registering a trial in NBScience is not a guarantee that it will be accepted by international committee of medical journal editors (ICMJE) at the moment. We have applied to become a primary register with WHO but it has not yet been materialized.
12. Registering a trial in NBScience and acquiring a registration code is solely for the purposes declared on the website and does not in anyway convey any other notion such as ownership, etc.


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