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Invited Trainers:

Dr. Werner Gielsdorf, HSC- Germany

General Manager of TACIS project of European Commission in CIS, Manager of UNCTAD, WTO, ITC ,

EU, World Bank, UNCTAD/WTO,

trainer of GCP, GLP, GDP,GMP

(Curriculum Vitae)




Dr.Zadorin Eugene, PhD, MBA
International BioPharmaceutical Association,
Lehrman healthcare Council, First Clinical Research LLC Speakers
Bureau, former head of consulting Group of the Department of Clinical Research of MOH

( 2006-2008 ).(Curriculum Vitae)




Major Course Topics & Course Outcomes

As a result of the group and individual activities included in this course, you will acquire the following knowledge and skills that can be applied to the workplace:

Readiness to do business internationally

  • Assess your readiness to start a new international pharmaceutical business.

Pharmaceutical product export/ import potential

  • Determine export or import potential for a good or service.

Barriers to Trade

  • Understand the most common barriers to international trade.

Risk Assessment

  • Identify the risks involved in international trade.

Judging Market Opportunities

  • Demonstrate how to perform a basic pharmaceutical market research using secondary research in support of a marketing effort.

Major Trade Blocks

  • Recognize the major international trade trading blocks and why they exist.

Finding Suppliers and Resources

  • Utilize the various resources helpful in pursuing international trade.

Operating Issues for International Trade—shipping and packaging requirements

  • Reflect the logistics concerns facing a company shipping internationally. 

Setting up the New International Pharmaceutical Business

  • Develop a plan for a new international Pharmaceutical business that considers to key business practices presented in this course.

International Culture Considerations

  • Appraise the impact of culture on conducting international trade.

Required International Paperwork

  • Demonstrate the basic required documentation, forms and other paperwork required in international trade.

Pricing Products for International Pharmaceutical Markets

  • Determine the correct pricing for products shipped to foreign markets.

Starting the Business

  • Possess a working knowledge of what is generally required to start a new international business.




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