medical conferences




Medical conference in Ukraine-20112


Health 2012


April 08 - April 09, Ukraine, Kiev



To participate in the conference are invited:

*Medical doctors


The works of the conference will be published in a special issue of the Ukrainian Scientific-Medical Journal of Youth "(special edition Wako Ukraine).

The main directions of the conference:

English Section

Preventive Medicine:

Bioethics *
* Hygiene and Ecology
* History of Medicine
* Medical law
* Social Medicine and Public Health

Clinical medicine (therapeutic discipline):

* Gastroenterology
* Haematology
* Dermatology and Psychiatry
* Endocrinology
* Immunology and Allergology
* Infectious diseases
* Cardiology and rheumatology
* Nanobiotehnolohiyi and nanomedicine
* Neurology
* Nephrology
* Psychiatry
* Pulmonology and Phthisiology
* Sports Medicine
* Pharmacology

Clinical medicine (surgical disciplines):

* Abdominal and General Surgery
* Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
* Pediatric surgery
* Neurosurgery
* Oncology
* Otorhinolaryngology
* Ophthalmology
* Plastic surgery
* Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery
* Traumatology and Orthopedics
* Urology

Clinical medicine (pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology):

* Obstetrics and Gynecology
* Pediatrics


Forms of participation:

* Oral report and publication of abstracts
* Poster presentation and publication of abstracts
* Publication of abstracts

Abstracts that do not meet the requirements (MS Word, 17 Kb) would not be considered.

Working languages:

* Ukrainian
* Russian
* English


Location , Venue - Audience number 1, morphological unit
(NMU Bohomolets, Prospect Podedi, 34, Kyiv)

Corresponding Member NAMN Ukraine, Professor VZ Netyazhenko
Corresponding Member NAPN Ukraine, Professor O. Roan
Professor A. Borisenko
Professor O. Romanenko
Associate Professor LY Avrahova
Senior Lecturer IO Examined
OA professor Dunayevska
Lavrik O., Demin EY
Languages section - English, German




1. Blagaia A., Vavrinevich O.
Formation of antifungicidal resistance as an incentive to find out and to implement
the new efficient and safe fungicides
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
2. Golinko V.
Staphylococcus aureus resistance mechanisms to methicillin
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
3. Antonenko A.
The ways of HIV transmission in Ukraine
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
4. Samoylova M.
Cytokine level dynamics in patients with external genital endometriosis using lowdosed
combined oral contraceptives.
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
5. Mynko L., Yatsenko B.
Oral hygiene:the level of competency of children and adolescents
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
6. Ishutko I.
New approach to the endodontic treatment
(National O.O .Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
7. Vovk V.
A way to improve dentist-patient relationship: computer controlled local anesthetic
delivery systems
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
8. Dudnikova M.
Ground of prevention and treatment of teeth discoloration among young people.
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
9. Garkavyi S.
Hygienic assessment of methyl tert-butyl ether behavior in soil-plant system on
example of alfalfa and sunflower plants
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
10. Momotyuk I.
Alzheimer’s disease: conceptions and research
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
11. Savedchuk S.
Epigenetics: DNA is not destiny
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
12. Ponomarenko Yu.
On the Framework Concept, Challenges and Development Priorities of the Telehealth
in Modern Ukraine
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
1100 – 1130 coffee
1130 – 14 30
13. Lytvynenko K.
Obesity and polycystic ovary syndrome as risk factors of type 2 diabetes
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
14. Lavryk О.
Сorrelation of weight loss and C-reactive protein decrease after bariatric procedures
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
15. Bakina O.
Actual methods of treatment diabetic retinopathy on different stages
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
16. Venediktova О.
Optical coherence tomography: the basic principles and clinical
applications for the diagnosis and management of retinal diseases
(Scientific and Practical Center of laser eye treatment at the "Center of Eye
Microsurgery", Kyiv)
17. Griesser Y., Dynyak A.
Estimation of energetic expenditure of physical activity by 13 C-Sodium bicarbonate
administration and measurement of 13CO2 in expired gases
(University of Lausanne, Institute of Physiology, Lausanne, Switzerland)
18. Diomin E.
Evaluation of safety and efficiency of xenon gas usage in anesthesiology
(National O.O.Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
19. Romaniuk A.
Adipofascial perforator flap of the forearm in the closure of hand defects
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
20. Sulik V.
Diagnostics of vertebral basilar insufficiency
(National O.O. Bohomolets Medical University, Kyiv)
21. Chervinska N.
Moxifloxacin, eine neue Generation Fluorchinolon mit einem breiten Wirkspektrum
(Nationaler Medizinische Bogomolez-Univerzität )
22. Lymnjuk N.
Die Resistenz von Mikroorganismen gegen Makrolide bei der Behandlung von
broncho – Lungenerkrankung
(Nationaler Medizinische Bogomolez-Univerzität )
23. Ruda N.
Wirkung von Medikamenten auf die entwiklung der Tuberkulose
(Nationaler Medizinische Bogomolez-Univerzität )
24. Glavynskyi I.
Das Herz hat Recht auf Fett
(Nationaler Medizinische Bogomolez-Univerzität )
25. Dankevych I.
Herzinfarkt – wie weiter?
(Nationaler Medizinische Bogomolez-Univerzität )
26. Sologub N.
Prionkrankheiten bei Mensch und Tier
(Nationaler Medizinische Bogomolez-Univerzität )





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Conference Description

This Medical Conference is designed to provide physicians,scientists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, as well as out-of-hospital providers who see patients that need medical care, with evidence-based information on a variety of Medicine dilemmas. A wide variety of topics pertinent to the practice of the medical care provider will be presented in lectures, case presentations, and interactive sessions.

The goal of this conference is to present current clinical data on key issues in medicine, along with treatment options to manage these challenges. Topics for this year's conference have been selected based on extensive target audience needs assessment data resulting from professional practice gaps. These gaps are identified by a variety of sources including feedback and evaluations from past participants, clinical expert input, online survey, and other medical and nursing data.

An outstanding faculty has been selected based on their individual areas of expertise, their ability to communicate first-hand knowledge to others, and their commitment to address issues of current concern to attendees.

You are sure to enjoy our Conference while sharing ideas and experiences with colleagues from across the country in the tranquil and beautiful setting of Ukraine.


Conference Objectives

After participating in this conference, you should have an increased knowledge of, and be more competent to...

• Identify and treat special medical conditions

• Use appropriate clinical interventions in the management of serious medical conditions

• Better use lab tests to augment history and physical exam in evaluating the patient

• Apply the most up-to-date information